MTC Kids | Sundays Summer 2020

We are so EXCITED to gather with you in the days ahead! We can't believe how long MTC Kids has been in limbo ... and we miss you guys!

We are ready to welcome you back to MTC Kids and have some great plans in the works! All the info below ...

From Jun. 28 - Aug. 2nd kids are staying with their parents in the service and we are offering activity packs/crayons at our kids desk by our front door.

From Aug. 9 - Sept. 6th we will begin to offer a modified MTC Kids program.

Please read through our gathering information below and check out our Health and Safety Link Before Attending. 

Unfortunately, we are not allowed to run a Nursery or 2's Room. There is a room open at the back of the sanctuary that has glass and allows you to view the service. So feel free to take your little ones there if that is helps you!

We will run one PreK and one K-4 class. Kids will stay with their families for worship and then will go to their groups for the sermon. Here is what you need to know!

RSVP: You need to RSVP on our home page and using this information we will have strive to have a check in ticket printed for you and your child when you arrive on Sundays.

Check In: Please sign into our check in station at the beginning of the service. Using your RSVP we will try to have your tags preprinted and ready for you. If no please use the screen to check in. If you using our screen, please sanitize the screen before you check in with one of our wipes. Keep your check in tag for picking up your child at the end of the service.

 Pre-K will happen in our preschool room. It will include an activity, worship & a Bible story, and another activity to close.

K-4 will happen in our upstairs large group room. It will be one big group. It will include an activity, a Bible story, and another activty to close.

We are not allowed to serve snacks and will be utilizing activities that are either disposable, will be changed between each class, or do not need any supplies.

We will have a Check In volunteer ready to help with any questions.

From Sept. 13th onward we hope to get back to our regular programming. Looking forward to gathering again!!!!!!