PreK Summer Team Guidelines 

Hey Team! Kids are getting to gather again for the first time in a looooonnnngggg time! 
Let's make it an awesome environment for them as we gather this summer. This can be a great chance to help them build community and learn more about Jesus. Let's have fun and make it a party for kids as they hangout again. See all the notes below. 


Sanitize Hands / No Reusable Material Activities / Kids Must Stay In Room Once They Are Checked In / No Snack & Water / Please Read The 'Health and Safety' Link for Further Information



PreK Will Be Happening in the Preschool Room

Kids will Check In to Receive Nametags at The Start of the Service, But Will Not Arrive In Classroom Until After Worship

You Arrive in The Room 15 Minutes Into the Service (or ealier for setup if needed) In Order to Be Ready to Receive Kids

The Room Will Be Setup and The Videos Will Be Ready to Play

Games & Actvities Are in PDF Form Below and a Hardcopy Description Will Be in A Bin in the Preschol Room

Please Follow The Guide Below and Pick the Appropriate Amount of Games & Activities Ahead of Time

All the Needed Supplies (Tape, Paper, etc.) Will Be In The Room

A Bin Will Be Provided to Put Used Crayons and Supplies (will be sanitized before the following week)



Welcome Kids and Have Everyone Share Their Name (2-3 Minutes)

Play 1-2 Games and Pick from the PDF's Below or Prepare Your Own (5 - 10 minutes)

Do the Weekly Memory Verse (1-2 Minutes)

Play the Worship Video (3 Minutes)

Play the Bible Story Video (5-6 Minutes)

Play 1-2 Games and/or Activities (remainder of time)