Giving of our resources is one way to worship God — to honour Him as our provider and remind us that everything we have belongs to Him and is provided through His grace

There are four ways to give to MTC.

Cheque or Cash

Simply bring your gift with you on Sunday, place it in a filled-out offering envelope and we’ll collect it during any of our services.

Online Giving

You can give from home! Our online donation system can collect your gift and provide you with a tax receipt for the end of the year.




Text “Give 100” (or any amount over $5) to (587) 802-1258.  Follow the easy prompts to complete your transaction.

Electronic Funds Transfer

Want to set up recurring donations? All you have to is fill out out  a PAD Form and mail/fax/email/hand deliver it to our church office.

We would love for you to join us on a Sunday!