At MTC we have a mission statement and six core values that direct the ministry that we do. These have shaped not only what happens on stage on a Sunday morning, but also our other ministries like the Coffee Ministry.

One of our core values is “Stewardship”. We describe this value in the following way: “God has entrusted us with resources and gifts to be used for His purposes and glory.” Partnering with Good Coffee allows us to bring glory to God with our coffee station budget dollars by supporting the work they are doing with coffee farmers in Burundi.

Beyond the financial aspect, good stewardship is also about effectively using gifts. Coffee ministry allows us to do this as well by providing a unique and meaningful serving opportunity for those gifted in hospitality. Coffee Ministry baristas help create the atmosphere and help build community through serving at the coffee station.

Another one of our core values is “Relationships”. We want to be “a community that is eager to welcome people into a growing relationship with Jesus Christ.” Our mission statement is: “leading people into a life-changing relationship with Jesus Christ.” We recognize the importance of community and relationship in this mission. It is within the context of relationship and community that people meet Christ and grow in their relationship with him. We want to create a welcoming and safe atmosphere on Sunday mornings. We also want to create opportunities for fellowship and relationship building. We have made Coffee Ministry a priority because it contributes to both of those things. Coffee is a safe haven for newcomers, where they can have a piece of their morning routine along with a welcoming smile and hello from one of our baristas. Coffee is also a social hub where conversation flows and interpersonal connections are made.

Over the past year we have also expanded the scope of our coffee station and begun to put on monthly “Coffee Days” with parents of the preschoolers who attend our Sonshine Park Preschool throughout the week. This has been a great opportunity for Janet Runnalls, Pastor of Preschool Ministries, to connect with Preschool families and build relationships with them.

MTC has a heart for generosity, and is eager to be involved with God’s work wherever it is happening. We see our Coffee Ministry and our partnership with Good Coffee as another opportunity to engage with what God is doing. We are excited to see how this partnership will continue to develop, and how we can continue to embody our mission and core values in our ministries at MTC.