We are pleased as punch to introduce you to our 2016 Summer Support Staff: Tina Olyslager.


Tina officially joined our team on June 13, bringing a wealth of Children’s Ministry experience, skills, and passion. She started babysitting at age 11 and worked with kids at church even before that. She always loved being involved with Kids Ministry at church. Shortly after moving to Calgary, she got involved helping at church with Youth Ministry and then with Kids’ Day Camps and Summer Programs. She loved writing curriculum and getting to spend time with the kids.


Tina says, “What I really love is building relationships with [the kids], and actually knowing what’s going on in their lives – being able to talk with them. And when they get something right – seeing their eyes light up when they actually get it. [Also,] just watching them enjoy themselves, the fun of it. I just love it!”


Tina worked for a year leading the Children’s Ministry at Bonavista Baptist Church, under Jared’s oversight, before beginning work as a nanny for a Calgary family. She loves spending time with kids, seeing their “joy for life, and how everything is new is so much fun! It’s great.” She describes herself as laid back, and if she were an animal she would be an otter because they are fun, cute, and hold hands! She loves spending time outside in the summer: hiking, fishing, boating, picnicking. But she does not enjoy sports because she is a self-described klutz.


Tina grew up in Drayton Valley and appreciated the small town feeling growing up. She lived on an acreage with horses and quads, but considers herself a City Girl now after living in Calgary for four years. Her actual name is “Tineke” which has been a royal pain for spelling and pronunciation her entire life.


Tina graduated from High School in 2011 and went to Capernwray Harbour Bible School off the coast of Vancouver for one year before moving to Calgary to start university. At Capernwray she met her now-husband, Curtis. He had a crush on her best friend first, but soon smartened up and they started dating in January of 2012. They were married on May 7, 2016. Congratulations guys!!!


Tina loves Disney movies and though it was a very tough choice she thinks that Aladdin is her favourite because of the adventurous story. Her favourite Disney villain is a toss-up between Ursula from A Little Mermaid and Hades from Hercules. Tina has thought very carefully about which superpower she would choose if given the opportunity and has determined that flying is the best choice. Not only does it get you places faster, but the trip is then also a ton of fun! She would like to be able to fly without wings though, because she is concerned that with her clumsiness she would knock people over with them.


Tina is currently studying Criminal Justice at Mount Royal University. Upon the completion of her B.A., she plans to build on the experience from her practicum to enhance her practical skills in the justice community before pursuing law school. She is passionate about Family Law and hopes to bring positive change to the legal system where it often falls short of providing the best solution regarding custody. Her career dream is to be able to help families and particularly to help kids be in the right parenting home, whether that’s a mom or a dad, and for dads to have equal rights in custody proceedings. She wants to generate change and pursue fairness in situations where the rulings are biased and unjust.


Welcome, Tina – we are thrilled to have you on staff with us this summer and can’t wait to see what God has in store for you in the future!