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Areas for Serving

MTC Kids

We are committed to fun, safe kid-focused care and teaching for all children, ages 0 to Grade 6, on Sunday mornings during the worship services.  Be part of our MTCKids team, and help grow young lives in their love and understanding of Jesus Christ.


Are you interested in impacting the next generation?  Come invest in MTC Youth!

Worship Arts

We strive to worship God with our body, soul, and spirit. If you play an instrument or sing and want to get involved with a worship team the Pastor of Worship Arts would love to talk to you.

Creative Arts

Calling artists with any level of skill! Beginner to experienced, young and old, we are looking for anyone who wants to contribute in a creative and artistic way. There’s opportunities for painting, drawing, woodworking, graphic design, multimedia, drama, stage design, construction, lighting, sewing, crafting, and more!

Technical Arts

Sound, lighting, and projection to support and enhance our worship services.

Coffee Team

If you have a heart for serving and welcoming people, consider checking out our Coffee Team who makes and serves coffee for Sunday morning services.

Prayer Team

We offer the opportunity for people to pray with someone after each service.  Be a Pray-er and join our Prayer team!

Communion Prep

Communion takes place once every 6 weeks.  Our Communion prep team cuts up the bread and fills the Communion cups.


Ushers serve an important purpose on Sunday mornings, as they are key to welcoming and helping people as they are seated, and collecting the offering.


If you’re able to give a smile, shake a hand, and create a welcoming environment as people walk through the front doors before a service, you’re able to be a greeter!

Chair Team

This vital behind-the-scenes team sets up the chairs in the sanctuary for Sunday services.

Snack Team

Do you love to make food? If so consider joining the Snack Team who provides breakfast for our Sunday morning volunteers.

Recycle Team

Each week volunteers pick up recycling bins around the building and drop them off at the recycle depot.

Decorating Team

If you have a creative eye and love for design & decorating, help us decorate the sanctuary and foyer seasonally.

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