Anyone who knows me knows that one of my favorite things is when I am able to be intentional. Actually, I really dislike this word, I prefer “on-purpose”. I really like it when I can be on-purpose with as much as I can. Of course real life happens and sometimes best laid plans need to be changed. But, I’d rather have a plan that needs to changed rather than no plan at all. I think God is on-purpose in everything He has done and continues to do. He has a plan.

In our last parent huddle we talked about Rhythm and looked at the creation narrative in Genesis. Together we discovered several rhythms in Scripture. We then looked at our own calendars with those rhythms in mind to see what we needed to stop doing, or start doing and began making plans to follow through on creating those rhythms in our homes. This idea of Rhythm matters because I think some of us live in a sense of chaos (read fly by the seat of our pants or roll with the punches). The link that I have to share with you today I think can help some of us remove a little bit of that chaos and begin our year a little more on-purpose than we might usually. My hope is that by doing this, God would bring a little more freedom into your life with time to be present as well as reflect on what God is doing in your own life and in the lives of those closest to you.

This weeks link is about how to have a yearly family meeting. In it, author Brett Ullman talks about how they do their meeting and the kinds of topics they cover. I would encourage you try something like this! In the comments section this week, I would love to hear if you’re going to try, or if you’ve done something like this, share your ideas too. Also, if you plan to do this, let me know how it went or if you have questions and need someone to talk to about it, shoot me an email, I’d love to partner with you in this way! I’m looking forward to hearing how it goes!

How To Have A Yearly Family Meeting

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