When did May start feeling like December? Did anyone else notice that? It feels like its been a hectic month and its going to feel that way until the end of June. It’s so important in moments like these to keep up with the things and activities that refuel us. As we mad dash to the summer, I don’t want summer to be this sense of escape from real life because the year has been so busy. Today’s posts are things that help ground me in the midst of a busy season. They are: wonder and perspective.

As always, post your comments in the comments section or a link to something you read this week that encouraged you or challenged you.

Three Ways We Can Let Them Wonder

The author writes, “I often look at children in church and wonder, “Are we giving them a big enough God?”  If their world of imagination is so big, are the stories we tell them, big enough to fill the space?” While this post is about kids, I find Wonder to be a huge part of my life. It’s wonder that keeps my looking to the future with hope rather than fear. How big is our imagination?

Different Day

“I don’t like it when things are out of order. When my world is unpredictable, I feel out of control. It’s a helpless feeling…In those times of uncertainty, I also want to melt down, and sometimes I do…On those days, God wants us to trust. Sure, we can make a schedule, place our predictions, and voice our hopes, but when all that goes to pot, we have to trust that God loves us and has a better plan.”