Questions. There was a time, not long ago, when I devoted a portion of my time and energy as a youth worker to coaching parents about questions. There was often an attitude of fear around questions – that questions were dangerous and should be avoided or quickly rebutted, so the focus was around “dealing with” questions instead of “engaging with” questions.

Since then the perspective has shifted significantly and we recognize the value of engaging with and wrestling through questions. Kids are curious by nature. It’s why any parent with a young child loathes the day their kid learns how to ask “why?” since it seems to be applicable to any situation and any answer never seems to be satisfactory. But of course we don’t want to curb the curiosity of our children, so we need to be prepared to sit in some of the tension of “why?”

Today’s article talks about questions and I love what this article represents. It’s not just about an answer…it is about the relationship. Sometimes as parents, and as it relates to faith, we feel stumped. This article talks about questions from the perspective opening up lines of communication in order to interact with the person asking the question. Here is this week’s link:

Get Ready for the Questions Coming Your Way