Every week, we post two links that either speak to something about parenting or a resource for you to use in your own home. This week there’s a bonus link for a brand new kids worship album available from Elevation Church. As always, your comments or posting your own links scratches an itch for us in terms of interaction. We love to hear what you’re reading that’s making you think or resources that you have found valuable in your own family that others could use. So, post your comments or links of your even below!

This weeks links:

The Wrestling Match

Out of a reflection on a story in Genesis 32 with Jacob, who after wrestling with God ended up with a limp. The author talks about this evidence of a limp was not a weakness, but evidence of a holy struggle. “For me, some days, parenting feels like a wrestling match. Wrestling with the emotions of growing kids. Wrestling with wills, attitudes, and the changes common to family. Wrestling with the reality that parenting is hard. And it is. Hard.” I like that this article names that parenting is hard, and it is. Parenting is a lot of things. I hope this encourages you today, you are not alone.

God is the Father

Splink offers a weekly resource that gets families together. Try one of these activities in your own home. What did you notice?

Bonus Link: Elevation Church Kids Worship Album – One In a Million!

Parents are always on the lookout for great music for their cars, kids iPods, and homes. Brand new album releases tomorrow.