A few weeks ago I discovered a song by All Sons & Daughters that I hadn’t heard yet. The song is called “Wake Up” from their “Season One” album, and the first line of the verse is: “we have seen the pain that shaped our hearts.” This line really struck me and I have found it to be very true in my life.


Throughout my teenaged and young adult years my heart was shaped by a lot of pain and fear. This resulted in some self-destructive patterns, anxiety, and avoidance. Looking through the lens of my fearful heart, the world was a scary place and hiding within myself seemed to be the most logical idea. I missed out on a lot of “living life to its fullest” due to my pain/fear-distorted heart.


Luckily the story doesn’t end there. God was and is working to heal my misshapen heart. The song continues into the pre-chorus: “We have seen the hope of Your healing; rising from our souls is the feeling we are drawing close, Your light is shining through.” This has been realized in the way that God has worked in my life and has brought about healing for my heart. God’s light has shone into the darkness & fear & pain, and brought light & life. God has reached for me, pulled me out of the pit, and invited me into hope.


I think that when pain or fear cripples our hearts, we often implode into ourselves. We are in survival mode and our focus is narrow. As God began to bring healing to my heart and to my life, I started to look around and smell the roses again. I noticed the beauty of the sky, and appreciated small pleasures again. I started to hope, and live in expectancy of what God was up to. And I started to feel like I had permission to dream again. This is what I think the line in the chorus is about, “Stand up, stand up, stand up – all you dreamers.” When the healing comes and our hearts are no longer crippled by pain we are empowered to dream of what God has for us, and we are empowered to claim our identity as God’s children and heirs.


If your heart has been distorted by pain or fear or tragedy or something else that is robbing you of your ability to dream, I pray for God’s powerful healing to invade and restore your heart to fullness. Our God is a redeeming God, and God will redeem that pain or fear or sadness. It does not mean it didn’t happen, but it does mean we can move forward in hope.


The Lord builds up Jerusalem;
    he gathers the exiles of Israel.
He heals the brokenhearted
    and binds up their wounds.

                   – Psalm 147:2-3


Here is a youtube video of All Sons & Daughters performing the song: Wake Up Live Performance