At this time of year, a lot of what we are doing with the children is shaped by Remembrance Day.  As adults we are very aware of the conflict that so much of the world is experiencing.  We have focused on the freedom that our country enjoys because of the men and women who were willing to protect us from oppression.   While we don’t spend a lot of time on the cost of freedom with the children, as adults we realize that for many young men and women, the cost was very high.  It was their lives.

As I was talking to my classes, I couldn’t help but reflect on the high cost of freedom, not only freedom in this life and in our country, but eternal freedom.  The cost of our freedom from the power of sin to enslave us was also a life.  The life of Jesus, the actual Son of the living God.  He willingly gave up life to pay for our freedom.  As your family takes a moment to think of the cost of the freedom our country enjoys, please take a few moments to also reflect on the eternal freedom that could only be obtained by the death of Jesus in our place.

Galatians 5:1 – “So Christ has truly set us free.”


Janet Runnalls has been on staff at MTC since 2005, and currently serves as Pastor of Sonshine Park Preschool. Sonshine Park is our licensed weekly preschool program in which over 140 children are registered.