This past month our family jumped into our ’06 Toyota Sequoia (which happens to have a tape deck … I know you’re jealous) and headed on a 4000+ km roadtrip.  We watched hockey in Kamloops, served at GreenBay Bible Camp in Kelowna, played on the rollercoasters in Couer d’Alene and ended up in Regina to spend some time with Karens parents.  It was a special couple of weeks building memories, developing friendships and enjoying the summer with each other.  We laughed, we explored, we worked and we relaxed.

A favourite memory I have from the trip was our drive from Kelowna to Couer d’Alene.  There was a direct route that we could have driven that would have taken us on major highways and through a large, well populated boarder crossing.  Instead, we felt adventurous and decided to let SIRI lead us on a different route through smaller, less populated areas of our fair country and the quaint backwoods of the U.S.  The result of this decision placed us on roads that could have been described as “paths” by most people, driving through a recently burnt forest that was deserted and eerily quiet, and we travelled through towns that had been abandoned years prior.  The trip took a few more hours to complete than usual but it was all worth it.  We experienced something together as a family than the regular routine of everyone else would have experienced.  All we needed to do was something a little different and it made all the difference.

As we head into the fall season of 2018 maybe there’s a chance that God wants you to do something different heading into September to experience Him in a different way?  Maybe you’re getting ready for the routine of a new school calendar and you’re feeling the pressure of doing what everyone else is doing or what you’ve always done.  This routine may be great and exactly what you need right now.  But Maybe this is an opportunity to change something up in your life that may result in something different?  Jon Acuff coined the phrase “September is the new January”.  What this statement means is that the transition from summer to fall is a chance to start something new, much like many people do in January.  We’re all experiencing the pressures of heading from August to September and this could be a chance for you to add, subtract, slow down, invest, rebuild, refresh, forgive, instigate, relax or press on in a way that you’ve never done before.  Who knows, you may have an experience you weren’t expecting.