A young mom told me that her husband had asked her what her long range plans were.   Her answer “Survive the next three weeks!”

I think every parent has lived this.  The challenge as parents is finding a way to manage the immediate ongoing needs of our families while still keeping the long range goals in mind. 

What are your goals for your children and for yourself?  If we live in the day to day pressures of parenting without looking forward to what we are hoping to accomplish as parents, we will find ourselves being pulled to pieces by all the possibilities of what we would do for and with our kids.  There will always be more activities, more classes, more to-dos than anyone could possibly fit into their lives.  While everyone wants well rounded kids with exposure to arts and sports and social activities, we need to be selective about which ones actually build toward what we want for the end product.

In the plan for yourself and your children, please don’t let the IMPORTANT be crowded out by the URGENT.  As eternal souls, you and your children need opportunities to build your relationship with God that will last much longer than any sports skills or musical experience you can embrace.  Where and when are you making space for your relationship with the One who made you and knows you better than you know yourself? 

“Yes, everything else is worthless when compared with the priceless gain of knowing Christ Jesus my Lord.  I have put aside all else, counting it worth less than nothing, in order that I can have Christ.”

~ Philippians 3:8 (Living Bible Translation)