I’m learning as I go to post these each week that I’m consistently heading back to my go to blogs. If you don’t follow Parent Cue consistently or Storyline, they’re totally worth it! Go to Facebook and click that “like” button! I’m also looking to expand my repertoire. What are you reading that is making you think?

Here are this weeks entries:

Connecting With Your Kids: The Secret Sauce

This is an older post, but as we approach our parent huddle in May about Rhythm, I wanted to post something that might get the gears going a little bit into thinking about rhythm in our families. I have secret to share, I love intentionality. I hate that word, so I use “on-purpose”, but essentially they mean the same thing. The other part of my secret is that I also suck at it a lot of the time and it’s something I’m working hard on. Parenting our kids doesn’t happen by accident, neither does discipling them. Connecting with our kids is a huge part of parenting and discipleship. Post in the comments about how you connect with your kids so that we can learn from each other, or your thoughts on the article.

How To Be A Good Dad

This isn’t one of those articles that trashes dad’s, which is why I posted it here. It’s a dad writing who’s son asked him, “will you teach me how to be good dad?” and his reflection on that question. It’s really rather insightful and inspiring. What are your thoughts? Post them in the comments section 🙂