After a brief unexpected hiatus from blogging, I’m back! There’s lots floating around in the blogosphere about parenting. Here are a few articles that made my cut this week. Feel free to comment on what you’ve read or offer your own link!

The Collapse of Parenting:

First, let me say that I don’t love the sense of fear that this article creates. I believe that as parents, Jesus gives us the courage and ability to parent out of hope, not fear. So, while this article is fear mongering-esque, there are nuggets of truth that are challenging for parents to think about and then have the opportunity to create change.

How I Learned To-Do Lists Are Overrated:

“Although it felt productive to write several things down on a piece of paper and cross them off, it didn’t mean I was actually being productive; because productivity is about producing something, and I wasn’t producing anything — except maybe stress.”

I love to be productive. But sometimes I idolize my processes and instead getting things done, I end up creating more stress for myself. This is probably hard, especially if you’re a doer like me, but I appreciated the perspective to let the important things prioritize your time.

5 New Years Resolutions Every Parent Can Keep:

“You will have some resolutions that are specific and personal to you—which is great.  But there are some goals that every parent could benefit from accomplishing.”

I’m a huge fan of Carey Nieuwhof, I think he’s brilliant. You don’t have to do all five, but they were important reminders for me.

Anticipating Emmanuel:

 “Maybe that’s the bottom line of Advent: what’s it look like for you and me–as children of God–to live with an Advent expectancy that God can move powerfully all the year around? Let’s dream big ‘Christmas-sized’ dreams about what God can do with us today and in the coming year.”

This article was still open on my phone. I know it’s from Christmas, but I think the truth of it is still important as much today as it was when I opened. How do you want God to move powerfully in your own life? What about in your kids?