Sometimes I am afraid to ask for help. I think that I should be able to do it all myself and that if I can’t, somehow it’s perceived as weak. I even get annoyed sometimes at people who ask me for help because I think they should be able to handle it on their own. Recently on our holiday, I was reminded of how we are better off working together than on our own.

We visited small town Ontario, where my wife is from. There is a large farming community and I am always impacted by how much they work together. They share equipment and even work together to farm each other’s fields. It challenges my need to be self-sufficient, and it’s like a family. It’s something I really admire about Church. We’re a family and we help where we can, and not just ourselves. It’s something we can do to share with the others who God is, to work together.

We’ve been talking about Cooperation with our K – 4’s. You know who they go to for help first? You! You are the primary influence in the life of your child. Not teachers, coaches, or pastors. It’s you. Knowing that is both empowering and terrifying at the same time. But part of being family is building up those resources and influences in your child’s life because I know there will come a time when my kids won’t come to me first. Who will they go to? I want them to go to somebody that I know I can trust. Who else would your child go to for help? It could be family, or a close friend. What could you do to encourage that relationship to build up your child’s network of influence?

This week you can read ahead with your kids to kick start the conversation we’ll be having on Sunday morning. Thanks so much for what you do as parents, keep up the good work!

Preschool (3’s & 4’s)

Summary: This month, kids are learning about how God has a plan.

Theme: God has a plan for me

Bible Story: Joseph in Jail – Genesis 39-40; Proverbs 4:11-12

Bible Story Focus: I can trust God even when it’s hard.

Memory Verse: “The plans of the Lord stand firm forever.” Psalm 33:11

READ: Use a children’s bible, or online app like the Bible App for Kids or YouVersion to read the story. What do they notice about the story?

MAKE: Brainstorm some things that your child thinks are hard to do. Write them down or draw them on a piece of paper. While you’re doing that, also talk about who could help them with those hard things. When you’re finished, pray and thank God that He is there for us even when it’s hard.

K – Grade 4:

Summary: This month we’re focusing on Cooperation, working together to do more than you can do alone.

Bible Story: Another Brick in the Wall – Nehemiah 1:1-6; 2-4; 6:1-16

Bible Story Focus: With God, we can work together to do what seems impossible.

Memory Verse: “Two people are better than one. They can help each other in everything they do.” Ecclesiastes 4:9

READ: Read the story with your child. If they’re younger (K – Gr. 2), use a children’s bible, 3 – 4’s can use a more age appropriate Bible, like one you would get at church. After reading the story ask your child what they noticed in the story. Nehemiah wasn’t afraid to ask for help. Who could your child ask for help when they need it? Is it scary to ask for help? You could share with your child who you ask when you need help.

PRAY: Pray together and thank God for the people in your life that they can ask for help from and that it’s good to ask others for help.