VBS is over for another summer and it’s time to look back on the amazing week we had. As always, Monday started with a flurry of activity and energy. About 170 kids showed up excited to learn what walking with God meant. Our 100 volunteers were all ready to go.

27655357703_05138578d5_oThrough the week we were journeying with Paul. We started with his conversion from Saul to Paul. Saul had always followed to rules perfectly but he didn’t know Jesus. For Paul to find out more about God he needed to discover who Jesus was.

On Tuesday we moved on to Paul in Damascus with Barnabas and¬†Ananias. We learned that we can see God’s love through others. Paul had been a bad guy before he met God on the road and the Christians had heard all about him. Barnabas and Ananias looked past all of the old stories and saw Paul for who he had become. They showed God’s love in the way they treated Paul. Our Stampede pancake breakfast was also Tuesday morning. We had the opportunity to have some community time with families, kids and volunteers.¬†27655292004_60a613e359_o

The week was flying by as I realized it was Wednesday and VBS was halfway over! Wednesday brought with it a hard lesson to grasp. We talked about the story of Paul and Silas in prison. Our key question was ‘will things get better for me if I follow God?’ The answer is ‘it’s not about me, it’s about what God is doing through me’. This one is a little harder to wrap your head around, but it’s one of the most important lessons the kids could learn at VBS. 28260216716_27a9f57cc6_o

Thursday brought more rain but that didn’t dampen our spirits or take away any of the fun. We continued our journey with Paul to Athens and Mars Hill. This is a lesser-known story so let me give you the cliff notes… The Greeks worshiped a lot of gods. They had a ton of idols and even an idol to an unknown god just so that their bases were covered. Paul was so upset that the Christians in Athens were worshiping other gods. Paul found the idol to the unknown god and told the people that this was the one true God and they should not be worshiping idols made of stone. Jesus is the 27695187994_cf2fbb9831_oonly way because He rose from the dead.

The final day of VBS had arrived. All 270 of us were tired and sad to see the week come to an end. So we got excited and made the most of our last day together. We talked about God’s big story. Sloan and Kayla told us the whole story of the bible in 1 minute!!! The bible is our guide in life. When we don’t know what to do we need to read our bibles and discover what God is telling us.

As I have spent time reflecting on VBS some wonderful stories came back to me. I learned so much through our leaders and your kids. Those brilliant, thoughtful, curious and energetic kids showed me God the whole week. I see God every time they 28207406412_d3e16f5fd9_owrite their families, friends and activities of the day for their God sightings. Walk This Way VBS was a huge success in my books and I hope it was a just as great for you!

-Tina Olyslager