When we look at our mission as the Church, we are forced to look outside of ourselves. We are surrounded by neighbours, friends and co-workers who don’t know Jesus. We know that we are given the opportunity to share the Good News with those around us, but sometimes it can be overwhelming, and we don’t even know where to start.

In a few short weeks, we will be hosting Towne Party. I believe that Towne Party is a great place to start to live out our mission as the Church. The Church can have a reputation of taking, and not always giving. We want to continue to challenge that idea. Towne Party is all about loving and serving our community, without requiring anything in return. Imagine the impact that bringing your neighbours and friends could have. Imagine if they were able to experience a glimpse of how much God loves them as a result of seeing how much we value them.

I love that Towne Party encourages loving our community, but it goes further than that for me. Students play an important part of Towne Party. Rather than just grunt work, we get to show our community that our students care about them. We get to challenge the preconceived notion around teenagers. When I see the Towne Party, I see the Church functioning as the Church. We have young and old working alongside each other as one body, with individual gifts and talents on display. Those talents aren’t on display for personal glory, but instead to bring glory to God.

We live in an incredibly me first culture. We are constantly encouraged to think about ourselves. Our faith at its core is counter-cultural. It isn’t about us anymore, Jesus laid down his life for all of us, even those who didn’t deserve it. We are invited to lay down our lives, to give our time and use our gifts for those around us without Him.

I wonder if you’ve thought about how you could use your talents and gifts at Towne Party. What could it look like for you to get involved in serving? Your contribution matters – we are always better together.

You can sign up to volunteer here