Sunday mornings and Wednesday nights!

In the 5/6 zone, we think life is all about exploring the unknown!

And we love exploring life's biggest questions: about God, about ourselves, and about the crazy world we live in!

So come and explore with us!

We are beginning to offer in-person classroom again!

At our 9am service only.

When you sign up to attend church in-person, scroll to the bottom to register your student for our classroom!

Note: do not include your 5/6 student in the # that will be in the sanctuary.

Drop off at the garage!

If the service is full and you would still like to drop off your 5/6 student, please send us a message,
because the sanctuary fills up faster and we will still have space available in the garage.

Wednesday Night Schedule!

5/6 @ Home!

Sign up now for our April @ home packs, mailed to you each week!

Who doesn't love getting mail!?
Check out our awesome @home experience!

Start with this week's Bible Project video!

Open up your @Home pack:

- Family questions to share over supper
- Reflection activity book
- Memory verse challenge
- And more!
We want to help you connect with God and learn how to read his word!

Thanks for exploring with us today!

We want to leave you with a challenge!

How can you do something RIGHT NOW to live out what we learned about God today?

See you next week!