Sunday mornings and Wednesday nights!

In the 5/6 zone, we think life is all about exploring the unknown!

And we love exploring life's biggest questions: about God, about ourselves, and about the crazy world we live in!

So come and explore with us!


The last Grade 5/6 classroom Sunday before summer break will be June 16th.
Classroom will resume in the Fall (September 8th).

Our midweek structure is changing in the fall.
Jr High will be Grades 6-8 on Friday Nights (7-9pm).

If you have a student going into grade 6-8, please join us for
Summer drop in Thursday nights in July & August.

Classroom: Sunday @ 9 & 11 in the Garage!

Upcoming Events Schedule!

1st Wednesday/Month: @ MTC

3rd Wednesday/Month: Offsite

Click the event below for registration/info:

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5/6 Classroom

Our goal is to give students the tools to read and understand the Bible on their own for a life-long journey of learning!

The Bible project is an amazing resource to continue learning over the summer!

Use these resources and videos below, including the new Bible Project Podcast on Exodus and their App!


Each week we give homework challenges to students!

If they complete the homework and bring it back in they get entered into our prize draw!

At the end of each semester we give away some seriously awesome prizes!