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About Us...

Sonshine Park Preschool is based on the firm foundation of Biblical principles and values. In addition to a developmentally appropriate academic curriculum, children experience a great start to becoming a life-long learner at Sonshine Park. We are a Christian program designed to foster a joy of learning within the context of God's love. Our preschool will provide hands on learning experiences to grow developmentally and socially through age appropriate crafts, circle time and free play. We promote dignity and self-worth through activities that will aid in social, physical, intellectual, and social development. 

Program Information

Program Descriptions:

All the programs of Sonshine Park Preschool highlight three basis themes about God: God made me. God loves me. Jesus wants to be my friend forever.
3 year old program:
Three year old's at Sonshine Park Preschool enjoy a theme play-based learning program. Themes are developed on an ongoing basis to reflect children's interests. Within these themes, children will discover different creative mediums, fine and gross motor skills, imaginative play environments and embedded learning activities. A main focus in the three year old program is for children to grow relationships with Jesus, friends, and within their own selves. Whether it is playing with blocks or playing games in gym class, children have many opportunities to strengthen their social interactions and self confidence.

4 year old program:
The four- year old program is also theme based learning in which the themes are explored at a deeper level. The four year old's are introduced to pre-math, pre-reading, and pre-science concepts. Children will work on printing letters with an early introduction to letter sounds and recognition. They will participate in activities which will enrich their natural developmental growth for fine motor (printing, pencil grasp, cutting) and gross motor (jumping, running, dancing) skills. STEAM learning skills will be presented to children through blocks, magnets, crafts, toy manipulatives, literature, and so much more! Children are encouraged to grow their relationship with Jesus and learn more about Him in their daily activities and Bible time. 

Meet our team...

                 Miss Aricka

                        Miss Carmen


Miss Trudy


Miss Kristi


Miss Janette
Teacher Assistant

                                 Miss Hannah
                            Teacher Assistant

                       Miss Pam
                    Teacher Assistant

                  Miss Ryleigh
             Teacher Assistant

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