Just take ONE STEP.

At MTCYouth we are a community of friends taking one step at a time towards Jesus, together.

Wherever you are at (Christian or not) we want to be a community of ANYONE.

Where anyone can belong, and anyone can take one step towards loving God and friends today.

Because we believe that whoever finds Jesus, finds life!

Grade 5/6 Classroom is Sunday Morning @ 9!

Come to the garage!

Youth is back on starting this weekend!

Jr High Friday and Sr High Sunday
@ the Garage!

Youth Drop-in @ the Garage

Beginning June 18th (Jr) and 20th (Sr)

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Youth Online Gaming!

Is your student into online gaming?

This is so cool: one of our sr high students has a vision to connect with students via online gaming!

Friendship drives discipleship, and the online gaming community is a real world where real friendships are made! But we want to provide a place where that friendship can also help us take 1 STEP towards loving God and others!

So we are setting something up to connect students online! We are beginning with our grade 5/6 & Jr High students. Your student can join together and play online with our group and also join our discord server (fancy way of saying they can text and talk to one another while they play)!

We hope this becomes something that takes off
and becomes a weekly thing!

So, how do you join? If you are interested use the button below to sign up! That way we will have your email and info to be able to send you any links and instructions!


*NEW* Get access to RightNow Media!

Our church now has access to Right Now media which is a library tons of Bible Studies, Videos, and more!

And you can get access to it! Use the link below to create your account today!

This is awesome if you are a student who wants to check out some Bible studies on your own, or start a viewing party with some friends!

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