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Youth is a place to hang and not only be yourself, but to figure out who you are and how you belong.

Come hang out in small groups, build new friendships, and find a place to belong!

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This week

Youth @ the Garage!

Games in the church, Ephesians 2 (pt 2), and small groups!


Green Bay 2023!

Last year we took a roadtrip to Kelowna and served at Green Bay Bible Camp for a week!
It was so awesome, we are doing it again.

July 2-8th

If you have flexibility in your summer, this could be a life-changing trip.
Don't pass on it because you think someone else should go.
You will MAKE a big impact, but God will change your life too. Not understating that at all.

If you've been impacted by camp at all, we would love to help you pass that on to the next generation!
If you're INTERESTED, hit the link below (no commitment needed yet).

Upcoming Events

Guys/Girls Night

April 2nd

Locations TBD

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