El Salvador 2023

The most powerful tool is PRAYER.
Please join us in praying for our team that will be heading to El Salvador in October.

 Imagine what life would be like if you didn't have a safe place to call home?

For thousands of families in El Salvador, a safe home is only a dream, but together we can turn the dream into reality. 

Partner with us in the life-changing experience.

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Serve the Kingdom on our upcoming mission trip to El Salvador

Imagine having a home…now imagine it’s been destroyed by an earthquake. For hundreds of thousands of families living in El Salvador they don’t have to imagine…it’s their reality. Now imagine you can build a house for only $3,800 – that’s all it costs to bring a family in El Salvador security, peace, a place to call home. This fall, McKenzie Towne Church (MTC) is excited to be partnering with Shelter Canada to send a group of 15 -20 individuals to El Salvador to build homes for those who have been left homeless due to devastating natural disasters.

In 2001, a series of earthquakes measuring nearly 8.0 on the Richter scale, devastated El Salvador. More than 108,000 homes were destroyed and another 170,000 sustained immense damage – hundreds died, and thousands were injured. Traumatized people were further terrorized by thousands of aftershocks. The devastation, years later, is still evident and has been compounded by continued natural disasters such as hurricanes, landslides, flooding, and volcanic eruptions. Red Cross estimates that more than 500,000 families are living in unacceptable housing. It is into this reality that we are seeking to share Jesus’ love through the practical help of building homes. Our goal is to build 25 homes per trip through our partnership with Shelter Canada, who have tirelessly built more than 4,500 homes in El Salvador since 2002. Working alongside community leaders, local churches, and volunteer teams from Canada, Shelter Canada has made a significant impact on the people of El Salvador by providing sustainable housing and earning the right to share the Gospel message.