Worship Ministry

Our worship ministry is an important part of our church,
and volunteers play a key role!
Please check out the following roles we are looking to fill.

Worship Team

Play the guitar around the campfire? Sing in the kitchen? Just starting out? If you said yes to any of the above, we would love for you to join our worship team!

Sound Team

Do you think the drums are too loud? Vocals are too quiet? Can't hear the electric guitar? Join our sound team, and put your ears to good use! 

Media Team

Have you ever made a PowerPoint for your company? Noticed a word spelt wrong on Sunday? Want to take control of the lights? Join our media team, and learn how to make our screens shine.

Online Team

Do you have experience holding a camera? Like talking pictures and videos? Want to take control of our seven camera angles? Join the online team to bring our services to individuals all over the world.